Szalonek – Dialogue, Inspiration (2021)

The solitude brought about by the pandemic was an opportunity to act under different conditions. Acting without an audience provides an opportunity to look at oneself and the activity one performs by painting daily compositions with various titles and ideas. This resumé makes it possible to find out what this activity means for the artist himself.

During the performance, the music became for me the rhythm, which does not force anything, but provokes and encourages certain physical reflexes similar to those of dance, and here closely related to the activity of painting. What is the activity of painting itself for me? Is it really my passion? Perhaps an atavism, a reflex, a way, a body rhythm, a hidden nature, a reaction to stimuli? For me, daily painting is about paying attention to the quality of colour, form, expression… It is about evoking my own feelings, dialogue with other artists, memories, relationships, evoking the feelings of the audience and convincing them of my professionalism and my own technique.

All these problems, which are difficult for the artist, had free rein during my action. The activity itself became important and this is what I focused on. The viewer was absent, so I could indulge in a fluid, melancholic atmosphere to record the traces of my activity during the activity of painting. No form, no shapes, no intentional illusion of space….

This purity of reflexes captured by the camera refers to a single moment and can be recalled in the future. Today I know what it is like, and such an experience will allow me to increase my distance from my own actions. The music creates a kind of detachment from reality and a dialogue with the creator, who is probably also alone at the moment of creation. The purity of such a moment is valuable as an experience and increases one’s awareness of the purpose for which one performs similar activities on a daily basis.