The Art of Not Seeing (2019)

The exhibition entitled “The Art of Not Seeing”‘ was another of my artistic experiments. It was also a combination of the practical design of everyday spaces with art and design for a specific purpose. My intention was to create different conditions for some, but everyday conditions for others. Despite entering such treacherous territory, I decided not to compromise on quality. Here we have seen art in the dark, but it remained itself. The exhibition also shows the barrier of invisibility of painting. Touch, which I have introduced as a cognitive sense of painting, is a new way of perceiving what the most viewers did not see. Designed for display purposes, the box is completely darkened. The inability to see encourages the use of other senses and thus a different understanding of the same objects. By switching off one of the senses, we become more familiar with the others.

First edition of The Art of Not Seeing took place in 2017, under the title Black Box Painting.