The Project

The Spojrzenia (The Look) project is a pioneering, highly dynamic and expansive premise for exhibition interventions. It consists of exhibitions, performative actions, realisations of murals, oil paintings, sketches and other art objects in completely non-standard places such as hospitals, orphanages, prisons, kindergartens, theatres, schools, art galleries and public spaces. They are all united by the particular motif of the portrait fragment – the gaze in different artistic forms and interpretations.

The project consists of two parts – a personal part, showing the bond and farewell to one’s mother through the gaze, and a multisocial part, revealing interpersonal relationships, emotions, intentions, the depth of personalities of people from diverse social and professional groups, etc.

The project is open to everyone. Through an innovative formula that activates people in different places and situations, the project acquires many qualities previously unheard of among artistic activities. The venues will influence the reception of the works and fulfil various functions. In addition to purely artistic functions, they can become a support for patients in hospital, a bridge of understanding between inmates and guards, a sign that emphasises empathy and human relationships in many places or simply a kind of message that is close to everyone.

Expected results

Organisation of unique cultural and culturallly active events.
Involvement of local communities in cultural events.
Public interest in art through: activities in the region, organisation of exhibitions, direct outdoor actions, themes of works representing a specific community, presentation of modern creative solutions and technologies related to their execution, such as author’s own techniques, animation, drawing, painting and others.

The Look – An artistic intervention inspired by the first and the last look into a mother’s eyes

Our beginnings were probably similar – we were greeted by our mother looking at the miracle of our existence. This most important of all the looks is probably still with us today.
An infinite number of associations, emotions, feelings and memories, love, suffering, relationships, expectations…
This is why this gaze will be the first to be developed in the Look project.
This personal, subjective experience is the inspiration for further elaborations.
The look – a kind of non-verbal language – conveys a completely different content than words.

I will juxtapose different people in places and moments of life that I find interesting. Will it be a drunken beggar on the street, the CEO of a successful company, a child with an innocent look, or a street prostitute, an immigrant, a policeman or a nice shop assistant in a general store? They all become models with their own look, carrying the story of a soul that I would like to penetrate by looking directly into their eyes and painting them.

I seek inspiration for my creative work and artistic reflection in moments of meeting people, regardless of their mood, social status, profession, gender or race. I am likely to meet the wise, the stupid, the rich and the poor. The happy, the peaceful, the healthy and the sick.

It will be an interesting adventure, an artistic challenge and a lot of work. I will use my own experience, my knowledge of various painting and drawing techniques and my innate curiosity for what has not yet been explored. I will make drawings, oil paintings, painted objects in my own technique, sketches, murals for indoors and outdoors, animations. I will record all my work and publish it on this website.

I will use my artistic skills to show the diversity of the human looks, its humanity in different forms. The look will become a vehicle for both humanitarian values and artistic qualities that are important to me. My interpretations of this kind of portrait will be collected in a final exhibition where I would like to juxtapose the results of the work of both phases of the project: the personal one and the one open to all other looks.

This is the plan. The process of creation will involve many unknowns. I expect surprises, discoveries and exciting experiences during my artistic interventions, exhibitions and travels. An adventure in art!

You can follow the progress of the work and the latest developments in the news section and on the facebook page.